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peterson: backing up some of the other parts of what banks do not apply to formula retail use, with the hours of bars, they are often open to nine -- 2 9:00. -- to 9:00. is a walking atm like a 24 hour use? >> i have read, in the course of preparing for this, pretty much every mention that has been made of the formula retail law, in conjunction with financial institutions. in that review, i have not seen anything that addressed the issue that you are discussing. the planning department, on the formula retell as it relates to financial institutions and all the material i looked at were consistent that it simply was not covered. the hours were not a consideration in looking at whether a particular financial institution was formal retail. it simply was not covered. commissioner peterson: thank you. have given presentations as to the background and history over the project. i'll try fill in some of the gaps and be available for your questions. as noted in our brief, the formula -- were first enacted in 2004. at that time it required a section 312 notice and also established certai
on the ground. we'll bring you more when we have it. >> kelly: all right. meantime the u.s. and its allies are moving in to try and end the violence against civilians in libya. president obama describing the effort today during his trip to brazil. >> and people of libya must be protected and in the absence of the immediate end to violence against civilians, our coalition is prepared to act and act with urgency. >> kelly: joining us now doug schoen, and gentlemen, thank you for joining us today. >> thank you. >> kelly: it's a fluid situation as you heard secretary of the state clinton talk about. the president, while he's talking about it still has not defined what the strategic objective in libya, other than he wants gaddafi to be held accountable and out. so is he making that case very clear? >> i don't think he is, kelly. i think it's a positive development that the president has said that we will support the coalition efforts and the french efforts to oust president gaddafi or colonel gaddafi. i think it's positive that he's enforcing the no-fly zone and reports the international effort
. that will allow us to not have to come back before this board in six weeks with another permit. if we do not get four votes tonight, we pull a permit again, by the same planner, showing the atm, that meets all of the requirements of this boards, all of the requirements of the building department and the planning department, and if mr. preston wishes to appeal that, only two votes are needed to appeal that, and that is not going to happen. he is going to need four votes to sustain his appeal, and that is not going to happen, and that is going to waste everyone in this room umpteen days, and if there was not a mistake with the atm, we would only need two board members to uphold the permit and deny mr. preston's appeal, so what we are homily asking you tonight is to amend this permit what we are homily -- humbly asking is to have senior inspector joe dufty or one of his associates come out and confirmed that the building is, in fact, and the leasing area is under 4000 square feet. thank you. note -- director goldstein: director sanchez? -- mr. sanchez? >> scott sanchez, planning department. i reall
years now. i'm just going to read parts of the letter that was provided to us on behalf of a local resident, and i will give this to you when i'm done. "dear supervisors, i'm writing in reference to a hearing scheduled march 14 in reference to a contract the city has entered with the electric tour company. my understanding is certain groups are opposing these out of a concern for safety for other uses where they are proposed to operate. it is my belief based on my experience as a segway owner and operator that these complaints are groundless and should not prevent them from proceeding with this contract did tour services. i'm a resident of district 7 and an employee of salesforce.com i am an owner of model i2. i have operated it nearly 1,500 miles, many of which have been navigated in san francisco. opponents to the operation include a group that supported san francisco ordinance 241-02, which banned operations of epa md's on public transit. walk sf is one such group, and their web page includes a list of arguments that were largely speeches including speculative and groundless cla
in benghazi. the goal, to protect the people of libya. now a senior u.s. military official tells cnn the u.s. has launched its first air strikes in the western part of the country. those u.s. tomahawk missiles have landed in the area around tripoli and misrata. >> and this as moammar gadhafi sends letters to the u.n. and its allies warning them to stay out of his country. >> meanwhile, the leader behind the u.n. resolution gathered in paris today to map out the road ahead. french warplanes are circling over libya, enforcing that yuu. sanctioned no-fly zone. >> and they have flexed military muscle firing on a libyan military vehicle. our senior international correspondent, nic robertson, is joining us right now from tripoli. nic, there were some reports that there were loud booming noises. now perhaps we know in large part why. perhaps as a result of those u.s. tomahawk missile strikes? >> reporter: yeah. it's not possible for us to confirm it at the moment in tripoli. there certainly would be a number of targets here. the former u.s. air base east of the city here houses not only some of the
>>> this is a fox news alert. we are tracking the action in libya, we're told the u.s. will launch missile strikes against libyan air defenses within the hour. french jets launching air strikes on libyan tanks and now nato members preparing jets to head to libya to protect citizens of the north african country. they are wrapping up an emergency meeting in paris a short time ago as french warplanes circle the skies enforce the no-fly zone. hello, welcome to a brand-new hour. >> jamie: i'm jamie colby. the situation in libya is quickly developing as nato counties shift military resources to the region. molly henneberg is tracking that and live in the d.c. bureau. molly, good to see you. secretary clinton it's so unusual to hear from how severe things they are. should she did have a couple diplomatic points she wanted to make very clear clear. tell us about those. >> molly: that the u.s. backed international efforts to prevent libyan leader from muammar khadafy from attacking his own people but the u.s. would be taking a supportive role in any operation. >> we did not lead this. we di
developing situation out of libya. >> heather: the u.s. navy has three submarines for operations against libya but france fired the opening shots and military intervention. protests continuing around libya despite muammar khadafy refuting reports that he is firing on his own people. he says she prepared to die for his country. >> gregg: steve harrigan is streaming live. what is the latest there? >> a lot of nervous gunfire on the ground on the capitol coming from the ground, small arms fire as well as anti-aircraft fire. we are not sure what they are exactly shooting here. reports of cruise fires, state television in libya saying they have hit the capitol of tripoli but i'm standing here we would hear a cruise missile. it has not hit air defense systems here yet. it's clear that french warplanes are in the fight around the city of benghazi. 20 french jets enforcing the no-fly zone. they have engaged one libyan military vehicle and they destroyed four government tanks, unfirmed reports. people are fleeing to the east as fast as they can. khadafy government forces are inside the city with
will the u.s. play? and did the u.n. vote dom lay to stop gadhafi? will he accept some kind of deal? we'll try to answer those questions. also, japanese authorities have raised the assessment of the disaster to a five, three mile island level on a seven-point scale and now admit they're overwhelmed employing a throw it against the wall and see what sticks approach. the head of the u.s. nuclear regulatory commission says it could take weeks to get things under control. >>> score one for the unions in wisconsin. a judge has temporarily blocked that new law blocking collective bargaining rights in that state. democrats hope this is the first of many obstacles to that law they hate. we'll check it out. >>> let me finish with libya. do we have any idea how we'll get out. we start with the growing crisis in libya. richard engel joins us from cairo. give us a sense of what's happening as the u.n. begins to take action. what is the condition of the rebel force, entirely benghazi? >> reporter: the rebel force is very weak in benghazi and across the country. what happened was the rebels advanced
this situation and didn't necessarily think u.n. action or u.s. action was necessary or something that should happen. what was the turning point for you where you thought, okay, it's time to go? >> well, first of all, i laid out the conditions required, which were the u.n. security council resolution and arab league support. and i saw them being taken. and then i thought about what the consequences were if gadhafi was allowed to continue to use force in defiance of international opinion. and so gadhafi looks like he'll have to be dealt with anyway. but this is the slippery slope of intervention, that many of us had been warning about for some weeks is the chorus of cries out there, let's go intervene, let's go do something. once you start this, it has to be finished. it will be very hard now to admit and say to gadhafi, okay, well, you got away with it, okay, now you're the leader of libya, we'll buy your oil. so now we've got a state which is at least in appearances seems to be an outlaw state. >> general clark, stand by. i just want to reset here for our viewers as we cross the top of the h
-- captions by vitac -- www.vitac.com >>> u.s. missiles light the mediterranean sky and operation "odyssey dawn" is now under way. a coalition of western arab states launched the first strikes on libya. >>> french warplanes lead the assault. the allies' goal to stop moammar gadhafi from butchering his own people to stay in power. >> at this hour, some of the besieged towns including in benghazi in ruins but it's still in the hands of rebels. benghazi is right now, after days of pleading for help, they're finally getting it. the international community is responding right now with decisive effects. we want to welcome our viewers to this special edition of "the situation room." i'm wolf blitzer in washington. >> and i'm jonathan mann in atlanta. we welcome you to our continuing coverage of "target libya." it's been an extraordinary 48 hours. thursday afternoon, we saw the u.n. security council authorize the establishment of a no-fly zone over libya. and in just the last few hours, we have seen the first flights to bring that to the air. now, eight years to the day after u.s. militar
intervention in libya diplomatic preure is growing. the u.s., britain and france warned gaddafi to hold the advance and pull back on other cities. this comes on the heels of a decision to propose a no-fly zone. gaddafi has declared a cease- fire but rebels say government forces continued their assault. >> for these rebels the no-fly zone cannot come soon enough. the resolution gives me new hope. >> there for libya has decided on an immediate cease-fire and stoppage of all operations. >> that announcement has been received with skepticism. >> the libyan people have called for international assistance. this resolution paves the way for that to be answered. colonel gaddafi's refusal to hear the repeated calls to stop violence against his own people has left us with no other choice. >> the international community will not be tricked by the libyan regime. the international community will verify strict compliance with the resolution. >> at the nato headquarters preparations were made to pave the way for operations to begin this weekend. >> we now havthe power and legal basis to stop. that is
at from the u.s. navy. i'm don lemon from the cnn headquarters in atlanta. >> i'm jonathan mann. a special edition of "the situation room" with wolf blitzer is next. >>> thanks very much. french jets take off. the allied gauntlet comes down. a coalition of western and arab states launching the first strikes on libya. >> yoins in firing missiles against gadhafi's forces around misrata, to stop gadhafi from butchering his own people. >>> at this hour the besieged town of benghazi is in tatters we're told but still in the control of the rebels. after days of pleading for help they're getting it right now. the international community responding with decisive force. >>> hello to our viewers in the united states and around the world. we want to welcome you to a special edition of "the situation room." i'm wolf blitzer in washington and joined by jonathan mann in atlanta. jon, this is going to be a very ferocious fight given everything we know about moammar gadhafi, his sons, those most loyal to him. they are not going to give up really quickly. >> nearly 25 years after the u.s. attacked moammar
? everyone. announcer: imagine if who you are were used as an insult. >> so it's a tremendous honor to be here today. we've got a tremendous program for you. this is our annual black history month kickoff. it was started many, many years ago. dr. carter g. woodson had participated in the founding of black history month. he was involved in the group known as the oh, -- association for the study of african-american life and history. the local chapter of that group is what is now known as the african-american cultural and historical society. so it's an honor. we've been doing this for many, many years and it's great to see so many faces out here today. right now what i'd like to do is thank our partners and acknowledge them for their participateation. the san francisco public library much the california cultural arts program and we couldn't do it without the good folks in the mayor's office of neighborhood services. what i'd like to do now is strue -- shall truce -- intro duce tanish hollins from the mayor's office of neighborhood services. >> good amp, family. happy black history mont
and with us -- may the force be with you and with us. >> a jedi warrior. now you know what was behind that mask darth vader was wearing. me. >> at this time, i want to acknowledge a couple of people outside of our committee. >> meeting for march 17. happy st. patrick's day. we welcome all of you today. as a reminder, please turn off all pagers, cell phones, or any electronic devices that may sound off during proceedings. we ask that you take any secondary conversations outside in order for the meeting to proceed as efficiently as possible. if you would like to speak on any item today, if you could please fill out a blue card. unless the commission announces otherwise, you will have three minutes to speak on each item. and please address your comments to the item that is being heard. it is general public, you want to speak on, those are items four and 19. and last, as a reminder, address your comments to the commission in order to allow equal time for all. staff will not respond to questions during public comment, but the commission may ask questions of staff after public comment is cl
. the primary use of our space is for a gallery-style jewelry store. we will continue to do market research. we have found the consumer enjoys sample wines and also enjoy buying custom jewelry. the tasting room is designed to be open during certain cross promotional events were clients are invited to enjoy tastings while shopping with our designers. our intention is to bring more people to this neighborhood who may have not had a reason to experience it before, but who are will be considered qualified customers. additionally, i must point out, it is common for wind to be served during events, and we've come to you -- for wind to be served during events, and we've come to you today to do this the right way, by applying for the correct permits. whole foods stores often include a tasting room within the store. at his stores, giorgio our money -- armani includes a tasting room. at no point will the tasting room be open and the sales floor be closed. i would like to address some of the concerns of the neighbors. neighbors we did not know hat concerns until last night. -- had concerns until last nigh
you. we can go into a refinery and we can use it again. they do oil changes and sell it anyway, so now they know when a ticket to a. hal>> to you have something you want to get rid of? >> why throw it away when you can reuse it? >> it can be filtered out and used for other products. >> [speaking spanish] >> it is going to be a good thing for us to take used motor oil from customers. we have a 75-gallon tank that we used and we have someone take it from here to recycle. >> so far, we have 35 people. we have collected 78 gallons, if not more. these are other locations that you can go. it is absolutely free. you just need to have the location open. you are set to go. [music] [applause] good afternoon, everybody. thank you for joining us today. the first thing i will ask you to do is put your hands together in front of our heart and bow slightly and say nanasta it means the good in me greets the good in all of you. who knows where is this is from? india. today we are sharing an form. we are members of the dance company based here in san francisco and we are taught by somebody who has been
on the many, many contributions of african-americans in this city and how each of us has changed the gee graval and cultural landscape of this city. how fitting that we celebrate black history month today, which is also the same as lunar new year and also an opportunity -- opportunity to reflect on the diversity of this city and how happy we are to be in a city which is so inclussive. so without forth delay i would like to welcome you on behalf of mator's office of neighborhood services. mayor lee will be joining us later. with the invocations, we would like to invite pastor stacey kerns. >> good amp. let us pause for a moment to invite the presence of god. shall we pray together? god, our help in ages past, our hope in years to come, we invite your holy presence to bless this celebration of african-american history month. we give up thanks and praise for the legacy, the creativity, the genius and contributions of african-american people everywhere. we pray that you would strengthen this organization and strengthen all organizations that support telling the story of black history. and so
. make you believe there's a god above watching over us. without scientific explanation. i want to cast out your demons. liberate your oppressed soul. bring back lost friends. just like jesus, be a shameless pervert while with the possibility of sexism and paternal. just like jesus, i want to hear the voice of my farther. bask in the stars, this is not an end but a beginning. a sepia tone of martarism. i want my engage capturred. to frame the minds of ignorants. while blindly following leaders. i want to be nestled, half naked against your chest. claiming your spirit when you come. with the promise of salvation. i simply want to life before i die. i have two more poems. this is all new. wrote it for harold bloom. he first called it the death of art and. reading well is one the greatest pleasures. i am dedicating to harold bloom. i am not a poet. i want to be rich. i have had a great sex life. i am not a poet. georgia i do not like being called an act visit. i cannot be considered a vegetarian. i will give my ass up and like it. i would be inspired. i may value peace, but will not use a
urgeent. u.s. and allied forces firing on libya igniting the biggest international military effort since the iraq war. this is a special edition of the fox report. new images showing u.s. navy ships firing missiles at qaddafi air defenses and teeping up with britain,itiny and canada all to support a rebel uprising in that country. it appears on the verge of defeat. secretary of state hillary clinton said left unchecked qaddafi will commit unspeakable atrocities . the first shots coming from french fighter jets. a plane shot down over the outskirts of benghazi bursting in flames . crashed and sending thick black smoke in the sky. rebels, cheering and celebrating as international forces move in tryying to protect them. so far 112 cruz missiles launched near tripoli. we have fox news team coverage on the ground . mike emanuel is traveling with the president in brazil and steve first in tripoli. steve, any reaction from qaddafi to the air trikes? >>reporter: john, what we heard from qaddafi in the past several days. one of defiance and he said he will retaliate against military or civilian t
in is how we can use technology to make the city, which is typically quite a static environment architecturally speaking -- how can we make it come alive? >> what i love about your work is there is such sophisticated software and electronics and complex connections that all have to work together to make it successful, but yet, all of that is invisible to the people interact with the work. >> they do not realize there is all these cables and projectors and computers and all this technology behind the scenes, and if you can keep it hidden, it feels like a really magical moment. to me, that is what is inspiring, and that is what makes the public, their eyes light up. >> you feel a little bit like the wizard of oz? >> totally, yes. >> having been on market street for a while and seeing how the public is reacting to your piece, what is your impression of what it is going to be like here? >> i'm already loving it. just the fact that i can look up and see someone seeing how crazy it is, and i have been bumping into people in the street who are recognized only from their portrait. i'm h
of the questions raised by commissioner lee -- is it your intent to use this as a guideline for prioritizing future funding? once the dust settles and you have the real numbers to work with. and i know that it will probably be a while, probably not this year, but in the next couple of years, it will really be looking at this more in an earnest, so is it -- what is your intent? are you really going to use this as a tool for establishing your priorities in the future? and for this year, do you see any kind of impacts where you might, in terms of establishing your core values and setting your priorities, where you would use this to guide you? >> we definitely plan to use this. as we mentioned in the beginning, and i think there is a slide on this powerpoint, it talks about we had a mandated three-year cycle. then the second year is use the needs assessment to come up with exactly what you're talking about, the action plan. so what will our department specifically do in terms of prioritizing what populations, what types of services, and that is a public document called the children service allocation p
they were also telling us that no aircraft had been used for several days that is correct they had not been bombing civilians, that aircraft had not been part of the flight and what we were hearing were being told that rumors that nobody could substantiate. now confirmation by our own reports in the east of the country who have witnessed this incident taking place, obviously there's complete variance with what the government here is saying and calls into question -- as of yesterday calls into question government claims that they're observing this cease-fire. also yesterday we heard from gofrt appeals coming from china, malta, germany, and turkey. they've been appealing for them to witness the situation here, to show that the government was observing the cease-fire. they said that they were choosing these particular countries because they thought they would be more sympathetic to libya's case, but it appears to indicate the intense frustration at the isolation that libya is feeling at the moment, that they are choosing these countries and appealing for them to urgently to come to li
, showing tomahawk missiles being fired from a u.s. ship, the u.s. and our allies launching airstrikes against the qaddafi regime earlier today hoping to prevent further attacks by libyan forces on rebels and other civilians, and, welcome to a brand new hour of america's news headquarters. >> jamie: i'm jimmamie colby. the french fighter jets are enforcing the no-fly zone over the north african nation and the rebel fighters are battling forces loyal to muammar qaddafi in the city of benghazi. steve harrigan is streaming live from the capital of tripoli where there is a lot of activity as well, steve, tell us the latest. >> reporter: right now we're hearing the steady pounding of anti-aircraft fire off my right, in the distance. it's not clear whether they are firing at actually planes, or just in anticipation of attack. i can tell you about the cruise missiles. we have not heard any here in the center of tripoli, two miles away from colonel qaddafi's headquarters. muammar qaddafi has responded to those cruise missile attacks in a rather unusual address on state television. he was not s
hillary clinton. molly henneberg is joining us live from washington the. and holly, how does secretary clinton describe. >> she didn't give military details, she is the top diplomate. and further delay on libya will put the civilians at risk and the u.s. will support national military efforts to prevent gaddafi from attacking his own people. >> america has unique capabilities and we will bring them to bear to help our european and canadian allies and arab partners without further violence against civilians. including through the effective implementation of a no-fly zone. as president obama says, the united states will not deploy ground troops. but there should be no mistaking our commitment to this effort. >> reporter: secretary clinton is at an emergency summit. 22 european, north american and leaders and diplomates to get everyone on the same page how to enforce the united nations resolution authorizing a no ply zone. the secretary, had who side meetings with the foreign ministers of jordan, united arab emirates and qatar. and it's been crucial in this. kelly. >> kelly: molly, so fa
. >> and ed henry is traveling with the u.s. president obama in south america. and in japan martin savidge is live in tokyo. >> retired general wesley clark and psychologist wendy walsh join us for analysis. >> i want to welcome our international viewers from around the world. i'm don lemon. >> and i'm jonathan mann from cnn international. let's get you caught up now on the latest news. >> we start in libya where the u.s. fired the first missiles inside libya just a short time ago. before that, french fighter jets made the first strike against moammar gadhafi's forces, destroying military vehicles. the international community is enforcing the u.n.'s no-fly zone over libya, pressuring gadhafi to stop killing his own people. we'll have a live report from tripoli in just a few minutes. >>> president obama, meantime, weighing in on the libya situation in brazil, the first day of his five-day trip. the president emphasized this is an international operation, the u.s. only playing its part along with a number of others. he also said the use of force was not the first choice but the international
the transportation security administration's risk base driven approach to aviation security and specifically the use of advanced imaging technology. as a chief technology officer, i will focus on the aspects and lee will discuss the human aspect. bere going into detail, the technology is vital to the nation's ability to keep travelers safe in the 9/11 world. we face a determined enemy bent on our way of life. they arrested a man planning an attack on the dc subway system and a young saw disrespectful frankly -- saudi man was arrested. whether it was a failed attack in 2009, the plot in october, or the intelligence plots we see every day, al-qaeda and intelligence groups continue to target our system. we have to detect today's threat, not yesterday's. we have a able system that works in several measures. one aspect of the check point is what we're hear to discuss today. mr. chairman, well hidden devices are among the gravest threat to security. while there's no sell veer bullet, this gives us the best opportunity to detect the threats. we piloted the technology in early 2007 knowing of these threats
have spoken to has been excited to have a bank they use so close to their house. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good evening. i'm for the project and the funny thing is recently i got foreclosed upon. i was involved in something that was -- >> you're part of the project? >> no, i'm for the project. recently i was foreclosed upon from a bank, a true bank. there was a commercial property that was in a former retail area that i couldn't lease out to a mom and pop establishment. so i'm not actually for banks here but the bottom line is this is not a formula retail. it is zoned for the planning department approves it and you know, i don't see what the problem is that we should just approve this project and move on. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good evening, commissioners in. i have -- for chase bank or any other bank but i think it is very clear there is a precedent here that the planning department has -- 2004, been enforcing banks is not part of the formula retail. i think we need to just stay with the precedent. if the law needs to be changed, that is another is
continue to engage community in imagining with us what the geneva car barn can mean. its significance for community and enhancement of life. i just want to point out, that block of text that is to the right of the frame on this side -- is called a word cloud. it is representative of a workshop event we had a few weeks ago with 400 people from the district to we brought together to think about their aspirations, the issues and concerns that they thought the car barn, once fully realized, would address in their community. i would also like to say we continue to work with community residents, merchants, and artists, to lift of art and culture in the district. most recently, we have joined with the district 11's arts council. revenue models. how are we paying for this? in the last stages of strategic work, we have identified three revenue models for the geneva car barn, once fully realized. and of course, there are contributed income that come from foundations. we have a dead by sources that will actually pay you to work in the program that will be run out of the barn. one of the more int
to announce. it is very clear that the u.s., france and other western powers don't want to create the perception globally that this is strictly a western action general the arab nation. arab partners are involved. is that role a symbolic role or a more active role where you have jet fighters deployed? of course, it was the arab nations one week ago today that voted to support a no-fly zone over libya. the arab league calling for the u.n. security council to push ahead of the no-fly zone. today here in cairo, we caught up with the leader who voted in the nationwide referendum. the arab league supports the no-fly zone, but he emphasized this is not to be a military action or invasion. no one is talking about invading libya. certainly when you look at countries like france and listen to statements by french president nicolas sarkozy, the rhetoric is different. he suggests attacking targets on the ground. when you look at how the resolution is written up, it leads the possibility of attacks and targets on the ground open. it will be interesting to see how arab nations will react if th
mechanism to put any type of price caps on this. >> but they're used to be price caps when the price went up and -- no, so how we protect the government interest in this oil and gas they owned? >> these are leasing questions and i am sorry to say that i'm going to ask -- >> rm your pay. >> i am not thoroughly familiar with these issues but hearing you describe it and hearing the magnitude of the dollar's it's a serious problem, and i will learn more about it and get back to you with answers. >> i don't want to give up at this point, you need to get back to us because this isn't going away. >> by understand. deval law that they put in effect certain production levels would go royalty free and thatw is the only thing the law said.w it didn't provide other mechanisms for -- >> [inaudible] >> the law does not allow -- >> it sounds like the legislation would have to be changed. >> so it's the conagra's fall. they put it in with the impression this was low-priced oil now when it goes of higher we will collect royalties but we want to keep the industry going because the price of oil was 20 or $30
this the crusader enemy is significant. that's the same kind of technology that are used by groups like al qaeda, which is ironic considering that it is gadhafi that says that he is fighting against al qaeda. all day on libyan state television, we've been listening to rhetoric against the west, against the united states, against israel, how that this is a grand conspiracy organized by the united states and israel, that this is a new crusade and that is the language they are using to describe what they call the latest attack on a civilian area. >> pentagon is making it clear that the french are part of the coalition but they're not the attacks that the french made on that he has armored vehicles earlier today was not part of operation "odyssey dawn." it began when the american ships fired the targets . general mccaffrey, how far does this go in crippling gadhafi's ability to inflict violence against his people and against these armed rebels? >> almost no impact at all. i think it does have a psychological impact on the leadership, which i would hope might contribute to some of his support startin
. the u.s. fired more than 100 cruise missiles into libya today as french fighter jets targeted the that the postal -- khaddafi 's fighters from above. >> u.s. officials say this will not be a ground war. u.s. troops will not be on the ground in libya. so far, 110 vessels have been lost from the sea into libyan territory targeting communication sites, air defense sites, to make it safe enough for aircraft to find -- to flat over libya to enforce a no-fly zone. -- to fly over libya to enforce a no-fly zone. khaddafi officials are calling this a brutal assault. they are sticking by a cease- fire. on the ground today, there was no cease-fire. khaddafi pulse of course this but asked about the pulse el -- cannot pay -- >> president obama has promised u.s. ground forces will not enter libya. his decision has upset some lawmakers. obama said the u.s. and its allies had no toys but to act. brian moore has the story from washington. >> bomar gaddafi -- khaddafi defied orders. >> over 110 tomahawk cruise missiles fired from u.s. and british ships struck more than 20 integrated air defense
the next day and then you're not putting up any forces, you're criticizing the u.s. for foreign military intervention. so they want to make sure the arabs are along with them so then they can't be blamed later on. so that's -- >> finish your point there. >> so that's why we've been seeing secretary clinton really in the last week reaching out to those arab leaders saying, we need you with us. you say you're going to -- you say you support this, you say you want us to influence the no-fly zone, what are you going to do to stand with us to do this? this is really extraordinary. an arab league authorizing force against one of its members. as we've said, it's really a unique since the gulf war in 1991. >> unique in many ways, but no matter what, will there still be some elements in the arab world who will see this as still being operated, still being controlled behind the scenes at least in large part by western powers, appearing once again to be exerting some kind of military action in another arab country? >> well, we've seen -- that's why this is really unique. because nobody has
practiced that, the plan may have left us in trouble. >> rick bissell, american red cross, thank you so much. >>> thank you so much for joining us this morning. we want to know what you think about the program and what's important to your family. send us an e-mail to your bottom line or send me a comment on tastebook and twitte twitter @christineromans. >>> good morning. in libya, the battle for benghazi escalates this morning, and as you can see from these dramatic images, this fighter plane controlled by the opposition has gone down in flames. this happening while leader moammar gadhafi telling president obama and the world that men, women and children are ready to die for him. >>> also in japan, everyone keeping a close eye on those nuclear reactors still too hot and under pressure. we'll tell you about the extreme measures under way to prevent a new tragedy and new fear that radiation may have already seeped into the food supply. from the cnn center in atlanta, georgia, this is your cnn saturday morning for this march 19th. good to be back with you. i'm t.j. holmes. we do want to start w
and reports of his tanks moving to a rebel held trong hold in the west . the u.s. and allies are seeing all of this and feeding their plan to respond militarily to libya. jets landing in the air base in italy. sarkozy said his country has war planes over the air space. secretary of state expected to make comments about u.s. involvement to stop al-gaddafi and stop him now. we'll take you there live as soon as she speaks . david piper news of something else taking hold there, a food scare. david, what can you tell us? >> first of all radioactive iodine is discovered in tap water here in tokyo and five other nearby areas. the japanese authorities say it is within safety levels and a food square by the fukushima plant. they found radioactive part in milk and pin spin and banned them for sale. with all of the bad news, there is one positive development at this time in the fukushima. they got the half mile cable attached to the power plant there in the homes that with power they can cool down the troubled reactors and engineers say they have successfully attached the power cable. it is crucial. i
was shot down. and our cnn team tells us in benghazi they've seen tanks and artillery rounds in several locations in and around the city. these latest events come just seven or eight hours after the libyan government told cnn it was observing u.n.-ordered cease-fire, which do not know if opposition or government forces. arwa damon is our correspondent who is in benghazi. we have much ground to cover. let's begin first of all with the current situation, the bombardment or the shelling that is taking place. is it still under way? >> as far as we are aware, richard, yes, it is still under way. gaud if i forces appear to have begun their assault on the city. we saw large plumes of dark smoke rising from that. we heard a number of explosions, we saw appeared to be several artillery rounds landing well within the city, as the center of the city itself. we saw a plane, one member of our crew saw that fighter jet you mentioned there, pummeling down from the sky in flames. but opposition fighter later telling us that that was, in fact, one of their aircraft. no way for us to independently confir
still at war in iraq and afghanistan. the u.s. has now joined a third battlefront, firing missiles into another nation, libya. a coalition of 21 countries trying to stop moammar gadhafi from waging war on his own people. before the ataturk there were images of a plane brought down, not sure how, as gadhafi forces continue to defend the rebel stronghold. what is at risk for the united states tonight and what happens next? our team has been reporting on the big events all day, and we'll begin with martha raddatz in washington. >> we're getting the first pictures of one of the tomahawk missiles being launched from a u.s. ship. there's no question we're at war once again and the u.s. for now is in the lead. the first vowlley of missiles a wither attack. more than 110 missiles launched from mostly u.s. ships and submarines, pounded the libyan missile sietsz. the missiles were fired from 500 miles away in the mediterranean sea after 2:00 p.m. eastern time, hitting libyan soil hours later. >> the targets themselves were selected on a selective assessment that decides either that pose a di
: i don't feel i have problem being deaf because i have an established communication system using sign language. third girl: well, i have been able to listen and speak, and to me, that's the greatest thing in the world. narrator: these individuals have a genetic disorder called usher syndrome. each was born with hearing loss, often complete deafness, and all have retinitis pigmentosa, a condition that causes slow, progressive loss of vision. the typical case, ok, is one, a son or a daughter, originally diagnosed as having a hearing loss and then eventually within several years later, usually as a preteen or teen, diagnosed with the retinitis pigmentosa, and the family is thunderstruck because there's nobody else in the family with a hearing loss. there's nobody else in the family with any kind of visual problems other than grandma, who had cataracts. so, how could this happen? narrator: paul molloy has usher syndrome. he is profoundly deaf and legally blind. he and his wife, who is also deaf, have two children who are hearing and sighted. paul lives on long island and commutes daily to
by wpbt >> susie: good evening, everyone. president obama put libya on notice today saying the u.s. and its allies are ready for military action. tom, the president's message was aimed at libyan leader moammar qaddafi. >> tom: susie, speaking at the white house, president obama said qaddafi must end the violence and pull back troops from towns under attack. >> let me be clear, these terms are not negotiable. if qaddafi does not comply, the resolution will be enforced through military action. >> susie: ahead of the president's warning, libya said it's ceasing all military action and will begin talking with opposition groups. that came after a vote at the united nations calling for a no- fly zone over the country. not surprisingly, oil markets were volatile today. crude prices closed down 35 cents to settle at $101 a barrel, off their high of $103. as suzanne pratt reports the oil market is coping with a long list of issues. >> reporter: in the past week much of the world has been fixated on japan, with one exception. the global oil market is paying much more attention to bubbling co
to select an outstanding choice along many outstanding candidates to lead us over the next several years. >> over the past several months when this issue has come up, it had been agonizing. the board has been put into a difficult situation. there are a lot of differences of opinion on how to run the city, how to mass make a decision, who should be in place, 11 people to agree on that is a challenging thing. i think we have done the best we can do in the process, considering the difference of opinions. >> the people of san francisco can now choose their mayor, the direction they want to go. that is why this decision was so appropriate. >> the other big shock is that the moderates seem to have won this round. people thought, progressives have themselves on the board. there is no reason that they will not get together and take a noted leader who is a progressive to be interim mayor, and then stayed there for another term. the great thing about being in term mayor is to get to run as an incumbent. the fact that the progressives could not get together to get somebody into office as interim ma
but unequal. it is understates rights -- is under states' rights. after lincoln had freed us from slavery, they instituted this law, separate but equal, and the state had sanctioned it. but everything there was, even when they had things that were federal, they would put a rope up, and the white people would be on one side, and the black people on the other side. i prayed. i'm a baptist. i hope was that the people would hear about the injustices. [applause] >> thank you very much for giving us those highlights. we want to move to a different era in this nation's history, when those signs are no longer present, but their presence is felt. with that, i turned t to bryonn bain. >> i am supposed to perform a piece, but i just feel like i want to talk to you. can i bring the format and do that? is that ok? i am honored and humbled to be aired. i want to acknowledge the presence of my elders, ancestors who made it possible for me to be here today. i am away by -- the more i hear, the more i read, the more i research -- i was not doing anything nearly as courageous at 18 years old. looking back,
>>> target libya, the first u.s. and coalition military strikes an forces are underway. >> we cannot stand i'dly by when he tells his people there will be no mercy. >> cruise missiles attack libyan targets. the broadest military effort since the invasion of iraq began today. >> plus, disaster in japan, progress on the nuclear reactor, but concerns on food in that country. >> from nbc news orld heworld h quarters in new york, this is nbc news with lester holt. >> protecting civilians from moammar gadhafi. u.s. and british naval vessels launched 110 tomahawk vessels along libya's coast. confirming the start that president obama stressed it would not involve ground troops. why want to start in the libyan capitol with jim messeda. >> reporter: lester, what unfolded in libya today wasn't plausible days ago. late this afternoon jets took off, destination benghazi, libya. 110 cruise miz ills hitting 120 defense miz ills. later today, punched through defenses intense fighting killing many civilians. the violence too much for many who fled in their cars heading east. their hopes of get
>> the suspect is listed in critical condition at another hospital. >> be sure to stay with us for any and all updates to this news. >> moments after the shooting, police responded to another shooting, this time in the area of patterson park. police are still at the scene. earlier today across town, even more gunfire. two shootings. the first was after the north fulton area. an 18-year-old was shot. both victims were rushed to shock trauma. police think that the cases are related but they're not sure. those shootings were not too far from a double shooting. two men were shot on pennsylvania avenue or around 9:00 which is about a few blocks north of this afternoon's violence. it is not known if any or all of these shootings are related. >> there are new details following the murder of an employee in bethesda. the woman's co-worker believed to be a survivor of the attack has now been arrested. she is now charged with the murder of jayna murray. the suspect said that it yeah men broke into the store after hours. >> our analysis of forensic evidence was not supporting the story. in
and soldiers rebel fighters. we have reports of increased fighting today. in misrata to the west of us and also to the south of us and here again in benghazi fear that his army might be headed next. we have reports from misurata there was a barrage of tank fire on that city center and homes in the suburbs said to the worst bombardment in that town yet with 25 reportedly killed, tough to get independent reports because journalists have not been allowed in the city. we're hearing from rebel commander who has been into a town 90 miles south of us, khadafy pounded the city with tanks and anti-tank missiles hitting rebel positions. he says as many as 30 people may have been killed there today. power is out. cells are down and resupply routes cut off. spiritually the opposition will fight to the last bullet but realistically they don't know how long they can continue. there were celebrations here and many other cities across libya. overnight with news of that no-fly zone approved by the united nations. there was celebratory gunfire, horns honked and victory signs flashed but there are concerns that s
>>> good evening. thanks for joining us. >> we begin with major breaking news. american military forces are now actively attacking libya's air defenses >> the airstrikes were launched from navy vessels in the mediterranean and along the libyan coast. 112 tomahawk cries missiles have been fired. >> they were fired from american navy subs and destroyers as well as a british sub. the strikes were deployed so that they could set up a no-fly zone. that no-fly zone will be led by the european forces. >> the united states, actingwith a broad coalition that is committed to enforcing united nations' security council resolution 1973 which calls for the protection of the libyan people. >> reporter: france launching a military operation to protect civilians in libya. a again much official says that fighter jets attacking the libyan forces in the opposition strong hold of benghazi. it is the first international military operation against muammar qaddafi. the operation comes just days after the u.s., europe and the arab world announced a plan. >> our air force will oppose any action by colonel
by this case for days. tonight they tell us they believe they have it solved. they're dealing with a loan assailant who carried out this horrific -- a lone assailant who carried out this horrific crime and launched an elaborate coverup. investigators spent days going over evidence. now they believe 30-year-old jayna murray was killed by her own co-worker 27-year-old brittany erin norwood who police first believed was a surviving victim until her story started to unravel. >> as we began to analyze the forensic evidence that we collected at the scene and then that we collected in the victim's car the forensic evidence took us in a completely different direction and we were able to determine that it did not support ms. norwood's story. >> reporter: here's the story she had told all along. the two women went back to the store to retrieve, something then were confronted by two masked gloved men. they were beaten, sexually assaulted, murray was murdered. norwood claimed to have been beaten and tied up. investigators say a couple things just did not add up. >> there were only two sets of footpri
. sitting in tonight, chris haze. good evening. >> good evening. thank you for staying with us the next hour. rachel has the night off. >>> the nuclear crisis in japan is still volatile tonight. there have been numerous developments today. we'll get to those shortly. we begin with something you should never have to ask, something that should never be a question. are we at war? yes, we are at war in iraq and afghanistan, and maybe sort of in pakistan as well. but are we at war again in another middle eastern country? it is not a provocative rhetorical question, it is one so-called no fly zone over libya and to take all necessary measures to protect civilians under attack. faced with threat from moammar gadhafi of a massacre of his own civilians, united nations approved military action against libya, which is a big fricking deal. for us, for the united nations, for the region. yet what made last night so eery and strange was that this big, historical moment, this commitment by a number of nations to use force, fell into the american political conversation like a pebble into a well. we just com
toilets that flush. i am sorry. i do not know what else to say. tell us what to do and we will do it. we are trying to do it. last year, the big issue with the new roof was the dormers. we could not replaced farmers on a historic building. that was the big issue. there was no issue of the fact that one was illegal there so you could not re-roof. she focused entirely on the addition of new dormers. that is not an issue on this permit, so now there is another permit. part of the house is illegal. you cannot re-roof it. to me, this is punitive. you're telling me i cannot have a roof because it was built in whenever? i do not know what to do. if i could sell this house in the morning i would. nobody would buy it from me. the other option is to give it back to the bank. i am not prepared to lose everything because i happened to buy a house with a neighbor who for whatever reason feels she can control my life and every aspect of it. thank you. would you like to see this? this is the plan from 2007 that we have submitted. that is still on file with the planning department today. vice president
gadhafi. >> all right, jill dougherty, thanks so much, joining us from paris traveling there with the u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton. we're going to talk a little bit more about this, we're also going to hear from a middle east analyst from the london school of economics joining us after a short break. >> yeah, he has a lot of good things to say. we've spoken to him before, so stay with us. we'll be like back. so uh this is my friend frank and his, uh, retirement plan. one golden crown. come on frank how long have we known each other? go to e-trade. they got killer tools man. they'll help you nail a retirement plan that's fierce. two golden crowns. you realize the odds of winning are the same as being mauled by a polar bear and a regular bear in the same day? frank! oh wow, you didn't win? i wanna show you something... it's my shocked face. [ gasps ] ♪ [ male announcer ] get a retirement plan that works at e-trade. even though i'm a great driver, and he's... not so much. well, for a driver like you, i would recommend our new snapshot discount. this little baby keeps track of yo
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